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and Pedigree Dexter Beef on the North Yorkshire Coast

Superb Views


One thing we are not short of here at Skerry Hall are breath-taking views. The view out across the Bay is never the same from one minute to the next let alone from one day to the next. It changes with the time of day, the seasons, the weather, the tides... the list goes on. Currently fields are being cut for hay or silage, changing the pattern and colour of the land. Last week we were treated to this view at dawn (yes, we are sometimes awake before 5am!) when everything took on a wonderful golden glow.

We don't suggest that you get up quite that early, but why not come and see for yourself the beautiful views we have in this restful location. Explore the countryside, where the moors will soon be at their best clad in the purple heather, and the breathtaking Heritage Coast. There are countless walks starting right outside the door.

We still have vacancies in July and August, so you still have a chance to see for yourself why we are so in love with this place and enjoy sharing it with our guests.Dawn over the Bay

Posted On: 13/07/2019


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