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Mediterranean Weather!

Lavender 1We have enjoyed some glorious weather this past month, and it seems set to continue for a while yet. The lavender in the yard is looking at its best as a result of the Mediterranean climate, and is attracting a host of bees, butterflies and moths, including the hummingbird moth. It is perfect weather to escape to the coast for a couple of nights, or a longer break, and enjoy the delights of Robin Hood's Bay and its surroundings. Guests are always welcome to sit in our garden to enjoy the spectacular view, and if they don't want to drive there are beautiful walks down to the Bay and over the moors above us, where the heather is just starting to come into bloom.Lavender

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Winter's Last Bite?

After some cold but beautifully sunny and crisp weather, Winter seems to be giving us one last bite before Spring arrives.

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A busy time of year

August is a time when many people are thinking of taking a break, but for us it is a busy time. As well as entertaining guests  (with all the unseen cleaning, washing, shopping, cooking and admin work that is entailed) it is a time when seasonal jobs on the farm and in the garden have to be tackled. Sheep shearing was late this year for many farmers in this area including ourselves, but now the sheep are feeling much morhe comfortable in the heat with their new haircuts. They shine out brilliant white in the bright sunlight. Our hay is all cut now and the bales wrapped to protect them from the weather through the winter until they are fed to our cattle and sheep. It's also a time when everything is growing or ripening in the garden, including the soft fruit. In addition to gathering our own produce Jan has made excursions to "pick your own" strawberries and raspberries to make fresh supplies of her home made jams for our guests to enjoy. And the garden itself demands attention with grass cutting and weeding - but it provides a beautiful place for our guests to sit and enjoy the spectacular view as well as providing cut flowers for the breakfast/sitting room. Why not visit us and see for yourself why we love this place so much - we have vacancies during August, including the bank holiday week.Shiny shorn sheepJan Jamming

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Summer At Last!

Woodpecker on PeanutsAfter a cold June we are now revelling in balmy sunshine and guests are enjoying sitting out in the garden with homemade cake and a welcoming cup of tea on their arrival. Everything has burst into life, catching up on lost time, and freshly picked bunches of cottage garden flowers adorn our breakfast table filling the room with the scent of roses. Outside we are still feeding the birds, now with their young to support, and we have a constant stream of goldfinches, tree sparrows, tits of all kinds and even a pair of woodpeckers visiting the bird table. Why not sit in this wonderful garden and soak up the spectacular view of Robin Hood’s Bay while planning your next day’s adventure? We still have some vacancies in the coming weeks.

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